It's the
42nd Cotton Family Reunion

August 9-12, 2018

Our Gholston family is hosting this year and they're ready to

Let the Celebrations Begin!!!!


Please check the
"Reunion 2018"  &  "Travelers Info
Pages for all specific reunion Info
& to make final arrangements.


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The Family Website is the primary location for reunion information. Please direct any and all family members here with their reunion questions. If questions and/or concerns are brought here, they will be answered and/or addressed as soon as possible. 

Due to logistics, money and time restrains, our Secretary cannot mail, facebook, or email information to everyone. However, our Secretary does, and ALWAYS have mailed all reunion information to our Seniors, those without internet access, those who prefer it mailed, and/or the shut-in.

Because we all have busy lives and our Secretaries are kind enough to volunteer their time and efforts, we are thankful for all they do. If you or someone you know falls on this list, please get your/their mailing address to our secretaries (Nancy G. & tba) and they will ensure that all reunion information is mailed to
You with a smile.
**To aide in communicating reunion info, Geraldine A. has volunteered to contact those who would like to be contacted by phone with reunion information & updates. If you would like to be contacted via phone, please get your phone number to a secretary and Geraldine will be contacting you soon.**

Other than that, this is your Reunion One-Stop-Shop.


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"Cotton Family-In God & Family We Trust"
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Don't forget to ask yourself, 
Am I being the best family member I can be? 
Offer love, forgiveness, help, a smile, time, or even kind words!
(It all starts and ends with you.)


Hope this message finds you and your family in good health and good spirit.
Smile, God and the Cottons love you!


Who was the youngest attendant at the 1st Cotton Reunion?

Lamartria Andrews
Taj McCord
Wallace Cotton Jr.
Kara Copeland
Are you heading WEST to the 42nd Reunion in San Diego?

YES. We're planning to be there.
NO, Work or Other restrictions prevent me from spending time with my family.
MAYBE. We are trying to make it.
NOT SURE. Depends on price & logistics.
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