COTTON FAMILY is a fabric shop in Tokyo.
We collect unique design fabrics from all over the world, mainly from the US, England, France, Spain, and of course, Japan!
You can purchase our fabrics from overseas as well.

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From Japan,
To everywhere in the world!


So far, the customers from various countries come to our store located in the center of tokyo.
They tell us, ”There is no such store in my town, where I can find such a wonderful collection of fabrics!”
So, we decided to launch the online store so for anyone in anywhere in the world can buy our collection of fabrics.

Our unique collection

  • We have run our store
    for over 30 years in Japan!

    Through those years, we have been inspired by the great works of the fabric designers in the world and collected them, hoping our collection spark our customers’ creativity. None of our collection is common or boring, but they are all outstanding pieces of work. Therefore, you might think of some of our collections as expensive, but they will certainly touch your heart, and drive your passion for the superior quality of your works.

    Cotton Family store exterior Cotton Family store exterior
  • A place for your creation.

    We live in an age full of mass-produced goods, and ready-made clothes and bags are easily available. We believe that is why we are fascinated by handcrafted products. We and also our customers love the art of handmade and creating the one and only. We are here to support your expressiveness.

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2-2-1 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Open hours: 10:00~16:00
Mail: info@cotton-family.shop

please check our business day calendar before coming to our physical store!

You can easily buy from abroad, via purchasing agency ‘Buyee’.

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    Buyee offers 11 different international shipping methods and low shipping costs.

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    Buyee’s commission fee is 300JPY per order.

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    Buyee’s customer supports are available in 10 languages and answer your questions via email and chat 24hours aday.